The Deep Sea Light

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  • Surround-sound from beneath the waves

    The Deep Sea Light is a multi-disciplinary celebration of Scotland’s underwater marine world, reconnecting audiences with a vital part of the environment that supports and surrounds them.


  • A Partnership with Arts and Science

    Arts and Science likewise work in partnership to foster a renewed understanding of this unique environment and the significant but mostly unrealised impact of humans on the underwater world.


  • Deep Sea Light Partners

    Nick Turner – Musician/Producer/Engineer. Mary Ann Kennedy - Musician. Dr. Ben Wilson – Marine Biologist,Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). Capt. Phil Day- Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB). Cathie Boyd – Theatre Cryptic. Anna Raven – Expressionist Artist.


Traditional Gaelic Song * Bio Music * Spoken Word * New Compostion * Lighthouse Narration


Convolved Reverberation * Sound Array * .Marine Topography * Species Profile

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Scotland’s coastal and marine environments define her borders and much of her culture, but the sea remains for many people an unknown quantity, an unfixed, uncontrolled environment, often to be wary of and not to be engaged with. The Deep Sea Light aims to reconnect audiences with this fundamental and help them appreciate our impact on this unique environment.

We aim to interact with elements of traditional music and song rooted in the subject matter and environment, highlighting the contemporary relevance of songs composed by people with a deep understanding of the marine-coastal world and how to co-exist in harmony with it.

Deep Sea Light Performances

The project concludes with live performances with transportable fixed installations. There are four audio programmes:

Harbour Seal Minke Whale Harbour Porpoise Sea Otter