Who We Are and What We Do

Watercolour Music's studios have been at the heart of a huge range and number of recordings, many of them award-winners. All musical life is here - Pop and Rock, Americana, Jazz, Country, Dance, Hip-hop, Spiritual, Classical, Traditional and Medieval. As producer and engineer, Nick has recorded major names and emerging artists, and everything from choirs to rock bands to fire extingushers (yes, really).


Mary Ann's whole life has been steeped in music, with trad blood in her veins and a high-end classical training behind her. A singer, writer and harpist, she regularly joins Nick as a production team on special projects. Her alter ego is as an award-winning broadcaster for BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio nan Gaidheal, with frequent television appearances as music presenter and performer.


Together they have more years’ experience between them than they probably care to realise, and it's all brought together in Watercolour's beautiful purpose-built studios to offer you the perfect environment to fuel your creative ideas. 

The company also hosts a select catalogue under the Watercolour Music record label – home to The Campbells of Greepe, Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid, Rona Wilkie & Marit Fält, Findlay Napier, Riona Whyte, John Goldie, Jim Hunter, Alasdair Whyte, Fiona Davidson, The Lushrollers and Nick's extensive songwriting catalogue through projects such as Queen Anne's Revenge. 

Most of these are available to download from iTunes/ CD Baby or purchase from the Watercolour Shop.


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