The Music

We will take you from dusk to dawn through some of the best-known totems of Highland life – the stars – nevertheless not well-known by their Gaelic names and stories. ‘Mouth of the Night to First Light’ will connect some of the oldest elements of Gaelic history with the newest aspects of space and science, celebrating the modern world in which young Gaels exist today.

The Players

The Watercolour Music constellation is made up of Mary Ann Kennedy and Nick Turner, joined by long-time musical friend, guitarist Finlay Wells, from the neighbouring galaxy of Oban. Beaming down from Isle of Man will be Aon Teanga’s flautist and singer,Ruth Keggin, and resident astrophysicist Calum Turner will be on hand with ‘The Science Bit’ and to encourage the audience to join us in contributing to the soundscapes.

The Writers

This special Blas Festival commission is created by Mary Ann Kennedy and Nick Turner from Watercolour Music, and is the latest in a long line of music installations and compositions drawing on the world around us, including ‘Aiseag’, ‘Dubh-Shneachd’, ‘The Deep Sea Light’, and their current roles as Associate Sound Artists at the Aberdeen Music Hall.

Audio from the show along with programme CD can be found here.

In this special event, we aim to connect modern science with oldest lore, and celebrate an aspect of Highland life which surrounds us, but is often ignored. The music celebrates existing songs and music already connected to the night sky, and sets a backdrop for a new soundscape and original compositions inspired by the stars.