ARdgour Church



Under the supervision of Thomas Telford, Parliamentary church designed by William Thompson, 1829 with Tudor windows and pinnacled bellcote.The features common to all thirty two "Telford Kirks" are the basic rectangular plan, the shape and positioning of doors and windows, and the small belfry. Most also have an extension to the rear making the plan T-shaped.

The wooden panelled interior and carpeting give an unusual warmth to the interior sond. The soundfield SPS200 microphone was used to capture the percussive elements of Ironbright. The church was convolved ( acoustically measured) using a starting pistol and SPS 200. Using this impulse along with Voxengo Pristine Space we produced a reverb which was used to "place" both percussve and vocal elements of Ironbright within the church.


We also recorded the churchyard environs which included the Loch Linhe foreshore immeadiately in front of the church.