brunel,telford and the ironbright bio music

Radio Intro:
Foundry and Blacksmiths - Belltrees Blacksmiths
Ardgour Cemetery iron strikes
FM synthesis

Duan na Ceardaich:
Inverscaddle foreshore ambience
Penny Morrison field recording
Hydrophonic recording – Neptune’s Staircase (westernmost Caledonian Canal lock sequence)
Tuned ambience – Caledonian Canal
Narrowboat sample and synthesis

The Travelling Piper Smith:
Cinematic drum sample
Paddle steamer rhythm sample
Ardgour Church bell and tuned churchyard ambience
Church interior sampled drums and percussion
Stanley Robertson field recording

Ardgour Bars:
Intro ambience – tuned Inverscaddle Bay
Wavetable synthesis
Pipe drone – Watercolour Music
Church interior sampled drums and percussion
Tuned church gate and steam whistle
FM radio sample and static