Multi-diciplinary Artist

Victoria Caine

Victoria Caine is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in Inverness. After studying mathematics both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and working in higher education strategy and planning for many years, Victoria decided to return to her studies and headed north to study art. 

She received a BA in Fine Art at Moray School of Art, one of Scotland’s five art schools and part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, and then undertook further studies in Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice. In her current art practice, Victoria works across a number of genres - drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, sound – and combines different elements of each to create abstract installations and sculptures as well as three-dimensional, wall-based works that she describes as ‘paintings made with found objects, textures, light and shadow’. 

Her work often draws on her mathematical background in that she frequently involves repeated patterns, rhythms, geometries and marks in her artwork, or uses a numerical framework to provide a starting point for the creative journey of experimentation and problem-solving. Victoria also has a background in music and dance and enjoys working across disciplines to create visual responses to the work of poets, musicians and choreographers. 

Since 2016, Victoria has been the curator and exhibition coordinator at An Talla Solais, a visual arts organisation in Ullapool, Wester Ross. In March 2020, as the country entered a lockdown period and businesses were closed, her role switched rapidly to one of developing online exhibitions to replace the cancelled gallery-based programme. 

She brings this experience to the Highland Whispers project in her role as co-curator of the online exhibition with Nick Turner. Victoria is also the founder of Caladar Arts studios and project space in Cawdor, Nairnshire, which she shares with three other artists.

Victoria 1 - (Sight) I remember spring and all its singing | The birds are quieter today 

Victoria 1 - (Sight) I remember spring and all its singing | The birds are quieter today 

Alex 2 - (Sound )Echo 

Alex 3 - (Smell) Evocation (Black Coffee) 

Alex 4 - (Touch) Trace | Absence of presence 

ALex 5 - (Taste) Five Cups | Dram

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