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Brian Jamieson and Nick Turner

Wooden Desk

CD and Vinyl

COVER is the new LP from Scottish HIP HOP Pioneer Brian Jamieson. The LP is a story set in the fictional notorious Glasgow housing scheme ‘Hainehill’, and follows the trials and tribulations of the facially disfigured main character, Sean McManaman.

The album follows his journey on a road to near impossible redemption in a typical Glasgow housing scheme plagued by social deprivation.

The music on the LP is produced by NICK TURNER from the award-winning Watercolour Music studios, with a multi-genre approach moving seamlessly from Ballad to Heavy Metal, Jazz and Funk to Grime, Hip Hop to Dance, and Acoustic and Blues to Drum & Bass. Brian’s vision was for an album that gives the vibe of a movie soundtrack rather than a conventional LP

The Cast

The Cast

BRIAN JAMIESON who plays Sean McManaman

NATALIE LYNCH who plays Sean's mother

JILLIAN ANDERSON who plays Sean's ex-girlfriend

EMILY MOORE who plays Sean's estranged child

MARY ANN KENNEDY who plays Sean's boss

MC BUTTERSCOTCH who plays a disgruntled cashier in a casino

CLAIRE CAMPBELL who plays Sean's new girlfriend

MARK LAWRIE who plays Sean's enemy

NICK TURNER who plays Sean's psychiatrist