What They Say About Us


Serenity opens up the doors to inspiration and creativity”

From the moment of arrival, it is clear that “Watercolour Studios” is in a league of its own.  From the lush, vibrant surroundings to the beautiful chateau we happily called home for the duration of the project.  The energy surrounding you can literally be felt as it floods your senses and invigorates the soul.  Also it has to be said that Nick Turner is probably one of the most genuine and attentive hosts we have had the pleasure of meeting whose commitment to ourselves and the music we were creating became the secret ingredient.

We will always consider it the true home of all future endeavours and we will forever cherish the friendships we formed during our time spent in our own little piece of heaven.

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”





"There's a quality to the recordings coming out of Watercolour Music that suggests an atmosphere where musicians feel inspired to give their best performances. Add to that a clear sound, richness and depth, and you have the hallmarks of a studio that's delivering the goods."

Rob Adams -


"In my experience, the average recording studio feels like the last place you'd want to make music and be creative - airless, windowless and slap-bang in the town centre. Not so at Watercolour. City stress has been left far behind the moment the Corran ferry leaves the pier and the short drive on the other side takes you to Ardgour.

The studio has natural daylight in abundance, complemented by the laid-back and friendly atmosphere created by engineer Nick Turner, who appreciates the need for musicians to feel relaxed to give of their best. If inspiration fails, a quick stroll in the foothills of the surrounding mountains usually does the trick. Nick and Mary Ann have established an essential facility for musicians in the Highlands and beyond."

Malcolm Jones -


"When I first heard John Renbourn's CD ‘Traveler's Prayer', I was immediately impressed with the sound quality. A good many of the tracks are quite economically scored and the tonal quality of the guitar sound carries these passages extremely well. The whole combination of John's performance and the excellent studio acoustic makes for a very fine piece of work – congratulations."

Peter Cox -


"Watercolour is unique. It is in beautiful surroundings, and the high quality of the work produced there is evident if you look at the back of a huge number of the most successful traditional, and non-traditional, CDs produced in recent times. ‘Recorded at Watercolour Music' appears with great regularity. I like working in the relaxed atmosphere, with good company, and getting an end product that is equal to a studio 3 times more costly."

Arthur Cormack-