We are justifiably proud of our purpose-built studio here in Aryhoulan at the mouth of Glenscaddle, just a few miles from the the farm that was home to Watercolour for 13 years. The new buildings, opened in 2010,  nestle into the side of the glen looking out over the broad, open valley floor towards Loch Linnhe and an unrivalled view of Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis. There is an abundance of wildlife – sea eagles, pine marten, red deer – and plenty of opportunity for outdoor pursuits, as well as indoors!

  • Recording
  • Rehearsal
  • Artistic Retreat
  • Radio Production
  • CD Replication
  • CD Sleeves
  • Project Management
  • Sound Engineering
  • Live performance
  • Audio Production
  • Composition
  • Venue Hire
  • Ambisonic Field Recording
  • Workshops
  • Design & Layout
  • Accommodation
  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy


Designed for live recording, the studio has three main performance areas with ancillary areas giving recording separation. The central area is a large wood and stone live room, with three recording areas - all glass-linked with natural daylight throughout. 

The main live room is 55 sq.m. and has a mixture of granite and soundbloc walls, wooden floor and high-beamed wooden ceiling giving excellent ‘live' acoustics. It has the additional benefit of having large windows to the north and south allowing plenty of natural light. 

The Piano/Drum Room is 12 sq.m and features similar acoustics to the live room. It is linked with bi-fold doors which can be opened to provide either a larger recording area or a stage for live concerts. 

The Broadcast/Dead Room is slightly larger at 14 sq.m.. An acoustic-tiled ceiling along with treated walls provides an excellent dead room for an intimate sound.