Technical Excellence meets Natural Ambience

The large 24 sq.m. Control Room has the latest SSL DAW, using a 7.2 version software with an Alpha Link interface. The recording desk is a classic Neve Sidecar from the early 80s, supplemented with Pre-Amps from Studer, Focusrite and TLA. Post-recording monitoring is via a Yamaha O2R96. The digital post-production enviroment is complemented by an extensive range of microphones, analogue compressors, accessories and outboard.

We concentrate on obtaining a high-quality original recording and have been extremely succesful in capturing a true and natural live sound from the excellent acoustics of the recording areas.




  • Thomasen Harmonium
  • Reid-Sohn 6' grand piano
  • Fender '79 Strat
  • Roland U220 Expander
  • Yamaha DX 9
  • Emu Morpheus
  • Kawai FI (rare mono synth for fanatics)
  • Korg FX5 Module
  • Ibanez Roadster Bass
  • Starfish Clarsach
  • Carver Acoustic Fretless Bass
  • Taylor SE 350 Acoustic Guitar

Also available by arrangement - Starfish electric bowed instruments (violin, cello, bowed bass guitar), Glencoe (34-string) and Mamore (38-string) lever harps. Ancient Yamaha Organ (KP?). VST instruments virtual loops and stuff. Whistles from Overton and Susato. With notice, we can also negotiate hire of concert grand piano. 

 For complete Equipment List download an xls sheet here





Yamaha RX reverbs 02R96, REV 7, Lexicon Reverbs
VST and DX plug-ins from SSL Duende, Waves, TC Electronics etc.
Focusrite pre-amps, Focusrite Voice pre-amp, Studer Lunchbox
DBX and Klark Teknik Compressors, TFPro 38 Master Compressor
Klark Teknik Graphic. TLA Valve pre-amps, Graphic, BBE Maximiser, Auto-tune





TF Pro
  • Neuman
  • AKG
  • Electrovoice
  • MBC
  • CAD
  • Manley
  • Sony
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure
  • Schoeps
  • Groove Tubes
  • Octavia
  • Blue


Monitoring and Mastering

Tannoy SRM10B Genelec 8030a Nearfield KRK 10S Subwoofer Tannoy Reveal
Quad520f balanced amplification Studer 890 Lunchbox with TFPro 38 Analogue Compression
Direct to Disc via SSL with plug-ins from Saturated Fat, TC Electronics and Waves Gold
Tascam DA30 DAT Tascam 122 v2 cassette deck Philips 870/880 CDR, 600CDR
Teac Mastering CDR with CD Architect v5.2 Sony mini-disc




Drum Room
  • 128-track digital via SSL Alphalink SX
  • SSL Soundscape 7.2 DAW
  • 20 Channel Neve Analogue desk with EQ Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing consoles
  • Cubase Elements 6.0
  • VST Library inc. Waves & SSL

Floor Plan