Nick Turner has been working in the music industry for over twenty five years. At Watercolour Music he has been responsible for innumerable recordings across several genres: Traditional, Country, Pop & Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Spiritual, Classical and Medieval.

As a producer and engineer, Nick has recorded most instruments and has worked with a huge variety of world-class musicians. He recorded and produced three CDs for the acclaimed Lushrollers, and whilst managing the group took them on two tours to the United States and Europe.

Over the last two years he has developed and curated The Deep Sea Light. A project that involves an Arts and Science partnership combining Ambisonic recording, Hydrophonic recording, Found Sound, Bio Music and conventional composition.

He is currently working with Scottish Rapper Damaged Goodz on a Vinyl and Film Project called “Cover”. Conventional Hip Hop production with Ambisonic recordings from Glasgow’s notorious Prospecthill Circus

He has represented the Watercolour label at industry events in Europe and America and is a respected member of the Scottish Music industry. He is also a prolific songwriter, collaborating with singer, Findlay Napier, to produce three Cd’s and a composer of the year nomination.

During the last six years Watercolour Music along with its not-for-profit sister company Stòras Watercolour has dispersed over £75,000.00 to Scottish musicians and artists.

Writing Credits:
The Deep Sea Light hydrophones, Ambisonic recording, Found Sound and Bio Music. Concept, writing, performance, engineering, production and video production
The Hangman: concept, writing, performance, engineering, production and video production
Ardgour Artists: Writing, editing, producing and performing new music and video for Anna Raven’s “Close to the Edge
Aiseag Tour (PRSF Commission): writing, surround sound design and performance
Black Snow Performance (Antarctic Earth Sciences commission); writing, surround sound design and performance along with video production
Some Kind of Certainty CD - Ewan Robertson engineering and co-writer 2 tracks
File Under Fiction CD – Findlay Napier co-writer, engineering and production
Just One Umbrella CD – Queen Anne’s Revenge co-writer, engineering and production
Queen Anne’s Revenge CD – Queen Anne’s Revenge co-writer, engineering and production


Production Credits

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Nick Turner provides a number of music and audio related services.

Recording Engineer, Production and production assistant.

Live Engineer (by request)

Field Recording.Ambisonic Rig and Hydrophonic Recording

Writing and arranging

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