Bathtime with Nick

This is a short video about the methodology behind the Eibhir Soundscape. Included heer is a copy of the original bathymetric chart of Loch Assynt and my extrapolated melodies

Hydrophonic Rig

You could be forgiven for thinking that my Loch Assynt Rig was mostly cobbled together with plastic plumbing and polystyrene lagging. This is a simplistic and snobbish response that I have had to deal with for a large part of my professional life.

In point of fact this bespoke array was extensively researched and meticulously resourced before exacting sea trails in Loch Linhe. It was then, and only after engaged conversation with some of the finest minds working at SAMS (Scottish Association of Marine Science), that I put it together with plastic plumbing and polystyrene lagging!



‘The hydrophones record directly on to a disk drive, with the raw files transferred to a Pro Tools system once back in the studio. From these I can manipulate the audio with eq and compression to make it "sing" in a particular key. The resulting wash creates a pad of sound that can lie underneath more traditional muscial arrangements.