Aberdeen Music Hall

Sound Artists – Associate Artists, Aberdeen Performing Arts
Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy, Watercolour Music, Lochaber



Music Hall Percussion

Compiled by a virtual drum kit made from sampled recordings of the Music Hall enviroment. Assembled in to EZ Drummer for midi loop performances. Available from the download section as a wav sound file set along with a composition from Brian Jamieson ( aka Damaged Goodz)

Convolved Reverb

The digital recreation of an acoustic space. By recording acoustic impulses within the Music Hall ( Starter Pistol and Audio Sweep) we can map the space by using Algorithmic software. The goal being to be able to take any recorded sound and "put" it in to the Music Hall. Samples included in the download section.

Emerging Artist

The emerging artist award contributes towards the sound commission work, community workshops for under-privileged young people, inter-generational work, ‘Looked After’ young people, and children who use English as an additional language).Whilst continuing their own artist development they will engage new audiences in and around Aberdeen throughout the Music Hall closure, with the intention of creating a new generation of Music Hall attendees when the hall reopens.

Live Music Now

Working with Live Music Now! Scotland and their director, Carol Main, the project will develop a collaboration through several of LMN’s current strands. These would include ‘Composing With Care’, a reminiscence-based project working with older people; and an ongoing commitment to enabling talented young LMN Artists return to their birthplace to work themselves with budding young musicians and encourage them to explore potential career paths in the creative industries.


Mary Ann will write a new work for the two ‘voices’ of Violin and Flute to celebrate the architect of the Music Hall, Archibald Simpson, who, along with his brother, was instrumental in reviving the Aberdeen Musical Society.The suite of duet miniatures would reflect traditional and classical roots, with a nod to the Victorian fascination with all things Scottish, centred in Aberdeen’s hinterland, and also to the blurring of boundaries between genres in Scottish music-making and composition today


New and archive recordings will contribute to the creation of new soundscapes representing past experiences of music and other events at the Music Hall – from Dickens to the Scots Trad Music Awards to 70s Glam Rock. The soundscapes will be able to be used across digital and real-time platforms while the Music Hall is undergoing refurbishment. Watercolour will also liaise with Fiona Robertson and Pete Stollery of the Sound Festival to explore other potential opportunities for use of these soundscapes.

The Murals

A separate series of audio soundscapes for live music-electronica performance and recording will be created by Nick and Mary Ann, using as inspiration the Art Nouveau murals of Robert Douglas Strachan in the Music Hall, the only sizeable surviving examples of his early work away from the stained glasswork on which his reputation was made. Like other Art Nouveau artists, Douglas Strachan was drawn to the cross-sensual concepts of synaesthesia as illustrated in these murals. The soundscapes would respond to his work and bring the synaesthetic experience full-circle


Nick and Mary Ann will explore the aspirations of YACNE and their relationship to the Sound Artist Associateship, and see the above connections and collaborations as being in harmony with the general work of the YACNE partnership. They will be working with young people to explore their interests in other disciplines and genres