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KR Band


Release Date 27th April 2018

Available on all digital formats

Scottish HIP HOP pioneer Brian Jamieson known mostly for his work as DAMAGED GOODZ, SKELETON VERSE & THE PARADOX releases his new multi genre LP "Your Back Is A Great View" before he goes on indefinite hiatus.

The LPs mixes Heavy Metal, Soul, Punk, Grime, Folk, Acoustic, Horror-Core and West Coast Funk all with HIP HOP at the core. The topics on the LP swing from comedy to heartache to soul searching to stress to drunken stupidity in one foul swoop with a guestlist of some of the most prolific and talented musicians in Scotland to add ridiculous flavour into the mixing pot with production from KONCHIS / AUDREY TAIT / DAVID TORRANCE / THP SONGS / BIG DIV / NICK TURNER / TANK / iJUNOR as well as himself.

With nearly 30 releases under his belt in a 25-year span, it’s safe to say he has put the work in. As this could be the last you hear from him, hopefully you will take this LP to your heart and celebrate one of Scottish music's most relentless artists.