Your Back is a Great View

Produced by Brian Jamieson

Scottish HIP HOP pioneer Brian Jamieson known mostly for his work as DAMAGED GOODZ, SKELETON VERSE & THE PARADOX releases his new multi genre LP "Your Back Is A Great View" before he goes on indefinite hiatus.

  • Released by: Watercolour
  • Release date: 27 April 2018

15 songs • duration: 57:23
  • 1. Preaching to the Deserted 3:30
    • 2. Your Back is a Great View 3:07
      • 3. Fear of the Loan Shark 3:06
        • 4. Utopia Questionmark 4:01
          • 5. The Horrors 2:56
            • 6. Shuglife 5:09
              • 7. Money Talks 3:22
                • 8. Goodbye Cruel World 3:18
                  • 9. Anthem of the Brass Necks 2:56
                    • 10. 2 Jokers 4:59
                      • 11. Ode to the Big Yin 2:48
                        • 12. Wargasm V Thorgasm 3:37
                          • 13. Sleeper Cell 4:22
                            • 14. Seeds of Despair 2018 4:08
                              • 15. Quicksands of Time 6:42
  • Miff Morris 65d ago

    Overall, this album feels like a celebration of musicianship, musical inspirations, combined with an honour and respect towards friends and family who have inspired and helped Brian pave his way as an artist up to this very day. In his opening track ‘Preaching To The Deserted’ (Feat Natalie Lynch) he projects a soul-stirring Acappella spoken word piece expressing with sharp articulation his frustration at the churning wheel of pushing his music through social media in order to be heard, as well as channelling his exasperation at the music industry and the discriminating factors which can arise through ageism within the music scene; setting in concrete from the outset an attitude ridden tone to the reasoning why he is possibly taking a break away from the spin of the music scene for a while. The end of the track introduces the stunning vocal harmonies of Natalie Lynch which adds that real touch of sheer class on the songs exit. Natalie Lynch vocally burst's open her full vocal potential on ‘Your back Is A Great View’ and within the whole of the album, bringing forth that absolute “wow” factor in a wholly inspiring way, as Brian raps profoundly about his struggles growing up; finding solace in rap music and pushing his talents out there into recognition. His vocal gymnastic skills, combined with authentic rawness in content and stern, sharp wordplay makes for a super-charged, motivational listen. Brian is not shy in touching on raw emotion towards his father in tracks such as ‘Shug life’ in juxtaposition to the comical ‘Ode To The Big Yin’ (feat Cigar Box & Natalie Lynch) casting a vast expansive musical landscape to feed upon and explore, pensively, emotively & humorously. As this could be the last you hear from Brian Jamieson, hopefully, you will take this album to your heart and celebrate one of Scottish music’s most genuine and relentless artists. .

  • Hootananny 21m ago

    BRIAN JAMIESON is one of the most successful artists in the history of HIP HOP in SCOTLAND,in his time he has opened shows for 50 CENT / BUSTA RHYMES / THE GAME / XZIBIT / BLACK EYED PEAS / LLOYD BANKS to name a few.