The First Week of a Mid-Life Crisis

Brian Jamieson

Rreleased July 26, 2019 on the Watercolour Music label. Hardcore Scottish Hip Hop

Scottish HIP HOP pioneer Brian Jamieson known mostly for his work as DAMAGED GOODZ, SKELETON VERSE & THE PARADOX drops his new release "The First Week Of A Mid-Life Crisis".

The 7 songs chart a fictional week in the near future with each song acting as a day where Brian has ups and downs a plenty after suffering a Mid-Life Crisis where he pushes the self-destruct button to the maximum.

Brian pushes himself way out of his comfort zone by jumping into the GRIME / TRAP genre in order to improve himself as a writer and Emcee.

The music is produced by the legendary KONCHIS with a variety of jaw dropping soundscapes to compliment the story perfectly.


23-03-2020 (Monday)
GAMEFACE (Tuesday) 
4 SEASONS IN 1 DAY (Wednesday)
SHATTER DAY (Saturday)


  • Released by: Watercolour Music
  • Release date: 26 July 2019