Cold Like Stones

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The Jazz, Rock and Folk fusion that is evidence across the Afro-Latin rhythms stand out in the presentation and in songs such as Nobody Knows, Kiss The Mountain (Home), El Testigo, Loca Por Tu Amor, Estrella Fugaz and Angel of the North, that spirit of coming together is more than we possibly deserve or could hope for. We find ways to disapprove and mock other’s language, in listening to and taking in the words and painted world of Coca Tenorio, we are not committing the sin of being as Cold Like Stones.

  • Liverpool Sound 83d ago

    To be held in thrall by a language and music that you might not fully understand is to know deep in your heart that you have compassion, intrigue and fascination, the prospect for learning, not as is the case may be with some who moan and make derogatory remarks under their breath, for they have no scope, no hope they are in the end as Cold Like Stones to the plight, outlook or experience to one who is different to them..

  • Northern Sky 72d ago

    Eight years since the release of her debut album TODO TRANSITO, Coca has assembled a group of musicians from Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador and Scotland to cook up twelve stirring songs that call upon love, loss and a sense of home for their diverse subjects. Each song, whether sung in English or Coca's native tongue, possesses an exotic seductiveness thanks to Coca's yearning vocals, rippling guitar arpeggios and infectious percussion. Its a wonderful blend that reaches its soulful best on such tracks as El Testigo and the album's beguiling closing track Angel of the North..

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